sister duo serving up cold pressed organic unpasteurized juice on a truck.

​located in findlay and bluffton ohio. 

Vegan Donuts

100% organic

100% gluten free

arguably more delicious than conventional donuts


Cold Pressed Juice Shots

100% organic and unpasteurized

shots have a 3 day shelf life

Cold Pressed Juice

100% organic and unpasteurized

juices have a 3 day shelf life


CLASSIC 16oz $9.75

apple, carrot, lemon, ginger

STRONG BEET 16oz $9.75

beet, turnip, cucumber, ginger, lemon


h2o, lemon juice**, raw sugar**

outragiously delicious and refreshing, made the same for 5 years 

SWEET BEET 16oz $9.75

beet, carrot, apple, lemon

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We use glass for a multitude of reasons, but one of the main reasons is its reusability.  We hope our product is part of your weekly routine. Help us reuse, reduce, and recycle by returning your empty bottles. We offer a $.25 credit for every 16oz bottle and $.10 for every 2oz bottle.  Thank you for doing your part!

GINGER  2oz $4

lemon, ginger, cucumber 

powerful defender, spicy liquid gold

​Updated storefront and truck hours coming soon!


Phone: [567-208-1489]


STRONG GREEN 16oz $9.75

kale, parsley, turnip, cucumber, ginger, lemon

ORGANIC APPLE CIDER 16oz $9.75, 64oz Growler $34


Chocolate Donut $4

oats(from gluten free facility), dates, cashews,

dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, local honey, vanilla,

sea salt

great source of health fats, filling, fiber

-we use the pulp from our nut milk in these donuts


100% organic and local ingredients


100% organic


waters have a 3 day shelf life

Lemon Donut $4

coconut, oats(from gluten free facility), almond flour, coconut oil, coconut butter, local honey, lemon juice, vanilla, seat salt 

great source of health fats, filling, fiber 

SWEET GREEN 16oz $9.75

kale, apple, lemon

Nut Milks

100% organic and unpasteurized

milks have a 3 day shelf life